Android 10 Dark Mode and Gesture Navigation on Pixel

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Google when first showed off the new Android version, the most awaited and exciting feature was the Dark Mode. Along with this they also introduced new Gesture based navigation. We will show you how to update to Android 10 and enable Dark Mode and Gesture Navigation

Download and Install Android 10 Update

Navigate to Settings > System > System Update

This will show the Updates and features that will get installed during the Android 10 Upgrade. The update size was around 1.2GB

Dark Theme/Mode

Once the Android 10 is installed on the Pixel Device, Here’s how to enable the Dark Mode in Google Pixel after Android 10

Dark Theme can be enabled by two ways, one through the Quick Settings menu and other from the navigating to Settings > Display and toggle the Dark Theme option. There will be a pop up which says supported apps will switch to dark theme, the supported apps like the Calender, Phone, Google feed etc will have the dark theme applied.

Gesture Navigation

Another key feature is the Gesture Navigation. Google introduced new way of swipe based navigation for moving through menus and apps on the phone. This can be enabled from setting menu and the option is available under Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation.

Once the Gesture Navigation is enable, the 3 buttons are now replaced with a white bar (iPhone-ish) on the bottom on the screen. Swiping up from the bottom will take you to Home screen and swipe and hole to get the recent app list. Swiping from left to right on bottom of the screen will get you to previous app. To go back just swipe from either side of screen. This will show the back icon and will go back.

In case you done like the Gesture Navigation, there is also an option to go back to 3 button based navigation. This will again enable the Back, Home and Recent App buttons.

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