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Best BT Broadband Deals: BT is known to be one if the leading Broadband providers and there are lot of options to choose from the packages we they provide. Whether to choose only Standard broadband or Fibre / Broadband or Broadband + TV or something else, not to worry we have explain the packages and what best BT Broadband Deals are currently available whether you choose Broadband or TV.

Best BT Broadband Deals
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Best BT Broadband Deals

Best BT Broadband Deals: Broadband Packages

BT has lot of different packages which offers different speeds at different prices and plus add-ons like phones and TV & Sports packages. BT offers Standard ADSL broadband, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 packages.

BT Broadband and Fibre packages comes with a 24-month contract and also has up-front costs which is required for activation and to cover delivery costs of router kit.

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BT Broadband

BT Broadband is the standard Broadband Package with speeds between 8Mb/s to 16 Mb/s . It is a basic broadband package enough for web browsing, stream HD and music at one or two devices. It will struggle if there are multiple devices connected and being used all at once. BT Broadband comes with Smart Hub router and 200GB BT cloud storage with the package. It also includes BT Virus Protect for two devices.

BT Fibre Essential

BT Fibre Essential is an entry-level Fibre package, this package has average speeds of 36Mb/s which good enough for fast web browsing, streaming HD videos at up to 2 devices simultaneously. BT Fibre Essential package also provides 200GB BT Cloud storage and BT Virus Protect up to two devices. BT Fibre Essential also has superfast guarantee which provides £20 back if the speed is below the average speed and can be claimed four times a year.

BT Fibre 1

BT Fibre 1 provides average speeds of 50Mb/s which will provide superfast internet for HD videos streaming, music, playing games online on multiple devices. BT Fibre 1 also comes with BT Cloud storage, BT Virus Protect and BT Superfast Guarantee. BT Fibre 1 is pretty good deal with the price and features that the packages provides and should be the option if available in your area.

BT Fibre 2

BT Fibre 2 unlimited superfast internet with average speeds of 67Mb/s for multiples devices like Phones, TVs, Gaming consoles and others along with 500GB BT Cloud storage and BT Virus Protect for up to 15 devices. Fibre 2 is BT’s fastest broadband packages.

BT Smart Hub 2
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What’s Included in BT Broadband and Fibre Package
  • BT Smart Hub (BT Broadband) and BT Smart Hub 2 (BT Fibre packages)
  • BT Cloud Storage
  • BT Virus Protect
  • BT Complete Wi-Fi (additional add-on)


With BT Broadband packages, BT TV packages can also be added with BT Sports, Entertainment and VIP packages. BT TVs packages provides selections of up to four BT Sports channels,11 Sky Sports channels, Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic and NOW TV Box Sets and much more in the different packages.

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