Microsoft is up to something,teases Windows 1.0 all over again

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Microsoft has put the internet in whole lot of questions after it teased a Windows 1.0 launch after almost 34 years.

Microsoft first had launched the very first version of Windows on 20th November 1985 almost 34 years ago. Microsoft on its Windows twitter , tweeted a short video with Windows logo in the reverse order starting from Windows 10 in retro style music. In fact on their Instagram account, they deleted all the photos and posted the same video.

The tweet says, “ Introducing the all-new Windows 1.0, with MS-Dos Executive, Clock, and more!! “. This has put the internet in whole lot of doubts and questions. On the tweet’s comments sections, they have been actively replying to many comments, one more them says, ” It’s going to be totally tubular! ” and even “ We’re right on time! Windows 1.0 is coming soon.

There was another tweet post their account saying “ With Excel, Chart, and even Flight Simulator, there’s no telling where Microsoft and the power of Windows will take you this summer.

There are few rumors around the internet that this might be even connected to TV series “Stranger Things” whose Season 3 premieres on 4th July 2019, which is based in year 1985 same year Windows 1.0 was launched. Or it might just a small social media fun they are having.

It better to wait and see what Microsoft comes up with rather than scratching our heads.

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