OnePlus 6/6T get Oxygen OS Open Beta 2 Update.Android 10 coming soon?

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OnePlus has released Open Beta 2 updates for OnePlus 6/6T, fixing the Android 10 issues faces earlier.

On 2nd November 2019, OnePlus released Oxygen OS 10 update which upgraded to Android 10. But users who got installed the updated had quite a few issues including the fingerprint issue for OnePlus 6.

The global roll-out was then paused by OnePlus without much official update at start. Later, It was a community post which was posted in the Announcements Section in OnePlus community forum which updated the about the roll-out.

There was another community post after a week updated about a new build ready for CTS and Android 10 would arrive soon.

OnePlus has now released an Open Beta 2 update for Oxygen OS and also an update regarding the update in the community forum post.

Changelog for the Open Beta 2:
  • System
    • Fixed the fingerprint identification issue
    • Fixed the animation lag for the fingerprint unlock
    • Fixed the automatic Freeze and Reboot issues
    • Improved system stability and fixed other known issues
  • Camera
    • Improved the performance and General bug fixes
  • WiFi & internet
    • Fixed the 5Ghz WiFi connection

If this Beta update is stable enough, the Android 10 stable update might come soon, as early as next week.

The updates related to the beta update can be found here.

Note: This is a beta update, which might not be stable.

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