AudioOnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review - Great Comfort , Brilliant Battery

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review – Great Comfort , Brilliant Battery


Sound Quality


1. Good Design & Comfortable
2. Great Battery Life
3. GIP5X Certified
4. Good Pricing

1. Average Sound Quality
2. No aptX Support
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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z was released by OnePlus during OnePlus 8 series launch. Here’s the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z review.
OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The Bullets Wireless Z were launched along side the OnePlus 8 Series. Though they are not true wireless but they sure do pack a punch in terms of sound quality plus the launch price for the earphones start at $49.95 in US or Rs 1,999 in India. This is the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z review

Design – No True Wireless from OnePlus yet

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The earphones are pretty similar in design when compared with the earlier generations launched by the company. The difference is the materials used, this time around OnePlus has used plastic which will make the earphones lighter in weight but doesn’t have the same feel like the metal ones of the previous generation. But that’s where OnePlus got the price down.

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Bullet Wireless Z are IP55 ceritifed which means they are sweat and water resistant, which is nice to have. The earphones are available in Black, Blue and Mint colours ( not all colours available in some regions). OnePlus do not provide a carrying case unlike the silicon case that came with Bullets Wireless 2.

Comfort – Nice and Comfortable

The earphones are very comfortable and can be used for long duration. There are 3 different sizes of silicon ear-tips provided int the box which you can change as per your comfort. They have the same magnets are the back of the earbuds which means when you snap the two buds together they will stop playing and separate them they will pair and start playing in seconds.

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The earphones provide decent isolation though it doesn’t have active noise cancellation. The neckband around the neck doesn’t feel much and is a bit lighter in weight as well.

Sound Quality – Good but not great.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z have 9.2 mm drivers which are pretty decent but loses a bit of punch in terms of bass. Overall they sound are good enough for a standard user but for an audiophile they might not be that great. The earphones are loud but they don’t distort at the highest volume

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The call quality is good as well and could hear very clearly due to the isolation. The voice though the microphone is also good and the caller will hear you clear. Overall they are good in terms of sound quality especially for the price of $49 you are paying for the earbuds.

Connectivity – Quick Switch button

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Button

The earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 and support for high quality AAC and the range for them is 10m or 33ft. They now have a Quick switch button along with voice assistant, phone call, volume and tracks. The Quick Switch button allows you to quickly switch between the devices, it means they will switch from your phones to say a laptop or another phone. They connect to laptops easily as well.

Battery – Long battery life with Fast Charge

The earbuds are rated to last for 20 hours with fast charging of 10 minutes would be a 10 hours playback which is really great and kudos to OnePlus on this.

The battery life is absolutely great, 80% out of the box and they give the 16-17 hours very easily for the full charge and they can last a whole week without charging with average 3-4 hours daily. With the great battery life and fast charging they are beast for battery life.

Conclusion – Great Features Decent Sound

OnePlus has done some cost cutting with the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z like plastic materials instead of metal or not including the silicon carrying case (which isn’t a big miss) but they are very decent earbuds with the price tag of $49. If you strained on the budget then these are a buy but if you have better budget the Pixel Buds or even the Bullets Wireless 2 are good.

The sound quality is decent, great battery life and good comfort, they are a sure buy if you are looking for earphones at the $49 or Rs 1,999 price range.

What do you think about the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review, let us know in the comments.

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<b>Positives</b> <br> 1. Good Design & Comfortable <br> 2. Great Battery Life <br> 3. GIP5X Certified <br> 4. Good Pricing <br> <br> <b>Negatives</b> <br> 1. Average Sound Quality <br> 2. No aptX Support <br> OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Review - Great Comfort , Brilliant Battery