Google reveals more Pixel 4 features

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Google has revealed some features of the Pixel 4

Google, last month teased the Pixel 4, which revealed the back camera design consisting probably a dual camera setup with a standard lens and an ultra-wide lens. This is the second time Google has revealed about the Pixel 4 ahead of rumoured launch in month of October 2019.

Google has now revealed some new and interesting features of the Pixel 4. Pixel 4 will have a motion sensing radar called as ‘Soli’ which will allow the user to control the phone and perform some actions without touching the phone. It will also have Face Unlock.
Google Pixel 4

Google in its own blog said Pixel 4 will be the first phone with Soli, which allows motion sensing functions like skipping songs, silencing phone calls and snoozing alarms by just waving your hands. Although it is said that it will be available only in selected countries.

Justifying the huge Top Bezel?

The tech giant was being criticised after few leaked renders showed the huge top bezel similar to the Pixel 3 and 3xl. But looking at the tech it will consist of, will justify that top bezel. As shown by Google in the image, it will have the Soli chip and face unlock camera and front facing camera.

Google Pixel 4 Soli
Image Credit: Google

Face Unlock (using Soli and IR Cameras)

Pixel 4 also will be having a Face Unlock, which is every flagship phone has, but it will be much secured and will use the Soli chip to unlock in more efficient way. The Soli chip will turn on the face unlock sensors when it senses that you are reach the phone.

Once the Face Unlock sensor recognises you, it will unlock the device. Google says the face unlock will work in any orientation and you will not require to hold it in a certain way.

Google has stated that the Face Unlock image data will not be saved or shared with Google services and will not leave the phone. Similarly with the Soli chip, any data that will be processed will not be shared with any Google services.

Release Date

The release date is not yet confirmed by Google but it is rumoured to be in October 2019. Also Google has not stated which countries the Motion Sensing Features will be released in.

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