ReviewsRhinoshield Crashguard Bumper Review for OnePlus 6T

Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper Review for OnePlus 6T

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Rhinoshield has a good range of products like Cases and Screen protectors for many phones. This is the Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper review for the OnePlus 6T


Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper case sits only around the sides of the phone which leaves the front and especially the back of the phone clearly visible. The case fits snugly around the phone, in fact it sometimes difficult to remove the case from the phone and might require a bit of force.

The inside of the case has honeycomb like structure which aids in impact absorption. The packaging of the case says that it improves the impact absorption by 10%. There is very light feel to the case and doesn’t add bulk at all to the phone. It has a great feel to it when you hold the phone.

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The buttons have good feedback and feels nice when pressed. The alert slider is also covered and it feels good when moved sometimes even better as well, but few times we faces troubles where the fitting of cover on the alert slider is not properly fitted and needs to be moved couple of times for it to comes in it correct place.


The bumper case even though has only the sides covered, it has good enough protection for the front and back. The front has a very slight lip to it which helps in protecting the screen. The back of the case has a bigger raised lip, this helps in protecting the camera bump and back glass when the phone is put down on a desk.

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The case is said to have impact protection from about 11 feet. From our experience, it has absorbed a few accidental drops from about 4-5 feet.

The bumper case generally won’t provide protection from scratches on the glass especially the back glass and this crashguard is not an exception. Probably have a back glass protector or a dbrand skin on the back of the phone.

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The Rhinoshield Crashguard Bumper provides good enough protection from the general drops without adding bulk to the phone. It has a great feel in hand but might be a bit slippery. Bumper case are a bit of skeptical buy, but this one is great one if you are looking at buying a bumper case for OnePlus 6T it is priced around £25.

Rhinoshield has good accessories for almost all the flagship phones, check out their products on Amazon. Let us know in comments if you have any questions regarding the Rhinoshield products.

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