ReviewsRealme Buds Air Review - AirPods Rip-off or Real Deal?

Realme Buds Air Review – AirPods Rip-off or Real Deal?




1. Great Connectivity
2. Wireless Charging
3. Gaming Mode is good
4. Decent Call Quality

1. Average Sound Quality
2. Touch Controls don't always respond
3. Not a Great Fit for everyone
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Realme launched the Buds Air earbuds, identical to AirPods, are they really a good deal or just another AirPods ripoff. Here’s the Realme Buds Air Review
RealMe Buds Air Open
Realme Buds AIr

Realme Buds Air was launched by the company. a true wireless earbuds which are almost identical in design with the Apple’s AirPods. There are many earbuds which are rip-offs and design exactly same as Apple’s true wireless earbuds. Realme Buds Air are also very identical to the Airpods and can be easily passed off as them. But are they really just another rip-off or are they of any good. Here’s the Realme Buds Air Review.

Design and Comfort
RealMe Buds Air Design

The RealMe Buds Air are true wireless earbuds are identical to Apple Airpods, even the charging case is almost same. The case is a bit smaller and little wider than the Airpods. The charging case has a pairing button in the front along with LED indicator, USB Type C at the bottom and ‘Designed by realme’ at the back of the case. The button on the case is mainly used for first pair or resetting the earbuds, rest of the times just opening up the case lid will pair the buds with your phone.

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RealMe Buds Air Design

The buds are similar design as AirPods, the same fit with non-changeable ear tips. This design are prefer some but they don’t have the convenience of changing the silicon ear tips according to your comfort. The earbuds stem is not rounded and is flatter and have sensors for the play/pause functionality. There couple of contact pins which are used to charge the buds when they placed in the case. The earbuds also have dual microphones on each bud.

The Realme Air Buds does fit nicely for me while testing it and won’t fall off from the ears. But this will vary person to person, I know couple of people for whom it was not a good fit and they would have preferred the inter-changeable ear tips for having better comfort. Since they won’t have those silicon ear tips, they don’t provide enough noise isolation and you can easily hear sound around you.

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Sound Quality and Performance

These have 12 mm drivers which provide are decent at best. At the 50-60% volume they sound good enough bbut at higher volume they just don’t sound good and get distorted. The bass and lower mids are good but the highs don’t sound great. The earbuds buds support SBC and AAC audio codecs but does not support the aptX codec. There was no sync issues between audio and video while playing a video.

Though the design is similar to the Airpods but the sound quality is not at all comparable to it as the Airpods sound way better than the realme ones.

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They have touch controls for play/pause, shuffling songs, accepting calls, latency mode etc. They do work but are a bit unreliable, since they didn’t failed to respond correctly to double taps.

Low Latentcy Mode

The low latency mode is the best feature of these buds, the mode does make a difference. With the games like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile, where sound is one of the key factors,, latency is very important. The Low Latency Mode provides great improvement in the latency when you use the buds while playing games.

Call Quality

Call Quality is good in the realme buds air with no trouble in hearing the person at the other end during voice calls. The voice was not distorted or unclear which is good enough for a true wireless earbuds at this price.

Pairing and Connectivity
RealMe Buds Air Case
Realme Buds Air Case

The buds pairs quickly as soon as the case lid is opened and they use Bluetooth 5.0. The range for the buds is around 10 metres. The connection is pretty reliable and didn’t notice any drop-offs in the connection between buds and phone. They can be used individually as well.

Battery and Charging

The buds are stated to last for 3 hours with additional 17 hours with the charging case. They do last 2.5 to 3 hours on an average and another 10-12 hours with case. which is decent enough given the price.

They do support wireless charging but do not have fast charging and they take around 2 hours to charge the case.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the Realme Buds Air Review , the earbuds have sound good enough, with fast pairing and wireless charging are decently priced at Rs 3,999 in India. But should you buy the earbuds or not?. If you want earbuds just like the Apple Airpods but don’t want to spend a lot then the Realme Buds Air are for you, but if you are looking for better sound quality then you can give these a pass and go for better options like the TaoTronics or boAt or Anker ones.

Let us know what do you think about the Realme Buds Air Review , would you buy them ?

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